Be careful with your online behaviour

Internet is a weird world, here we can get lot of info about someone when we cannot get in real life. Internet makes people share their activity voluntary so you can get update activity, photo, event etc. It’s make easy for people to find information about you and people around you.

Today everyone have social media account like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc but not everybody aware with cyber security. Just search from search engine like google and yahoo, people probably will know where your home, who’s your family, what your favorite color, what your phone number and another private data. If you think all the information it's not important, you need to back and read this article again sometimes.

Some people still act as if the internet and real life is not connected, wrong perception ! everything is connect. You will get headache when your email account get hack, you will feeling guilty if someone use your social media account to demonize someone you know.

Be careful behavior is good for you when online, from today you must treat the virtual world as the real world. You must be vigilant because not everybody is good in the virtual world, treat your data on internet like you treat it in real world. Be smart when publish private data in internet.

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