Although the iPhone in all its beauty comes in the colors Black or White, there are many more colors to choose from. For example: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange Red, Pink, Purple, Rose and last but not least GOLD! Take a second to wrap your mind around that… “I can have my iPhone in my favorite color? … NO WAY?!” At J Reed’s Tech Solutions we are the kings of the iPhone and iPod Touch 4th genCustom color conversions!!

For the iPhone’s Starting with the iPhone 4 and up, (which today includes the iPhone 4S) we offer custom color swaps or conversions. A custom color conversion is turning your iDevice from one color to another. With that statement, there are many questions that go along with it, like “What if I have a cracked screen and now I want my screen fixed and a new color? Can I do that?” No problem!! Our color conversion service replaces your old screen (Cracked or not) and installs a brand new colored screen set of your choice. A colored screen set includes the front LCD/Digitizer screen, back housing (battery door) and matching home button.

Something the customers can look forward to will be mixing and matching colors for the iPhone. We offer iPhone 4 CDMA CCC, iPhone 4 GSM CCC and iPhone 4S Custom color conversion/swap. For example a black front screen, green black housing (battery door) and green home button. Also, if you are trying to represent your school, college, group, favorite color, business, work etc, we can match your iDevice accordingly. College football teams for example Purdue Boilermakers use the colors Black and Gold, University of ILLINOIS is infamous for Orange and Dark/Navy/Royal Blue.

Last but not least J Reed’s Tech Solutions also offers Metallic colors which include Red, Dark blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Silver and Gold. A Metallic color conversion gives your iPhone a real reason to stand out with its mirror effect. Now, not only is the iPhone unique within itself, it serves as a colored reflective mirror.A special bonus with the metallic colors it keeps everyone from seeing what you are doing while you’re doing it. Finally, to wrap up, J Reed’s Tech Solutions offers color conversion / swap services for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th generation, iPad and iPad 2. For more info feel free to visit Home of electronic and Screen Repair services!!

Click here for: iPhone and iPod Touch 4th gen Custom Color Conversion Services.

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