Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12

The computer enthusiasts web portal has just released an in-depth review of the new release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12. Let's see why is recommending this application!

Paragon has released their version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager, and it is now covering about every aspect of hard disk maintenance you could (or couldn't) desire. When thinking about Paragon Hard Disk Manager, you (or at least I) would think partition creation, changing of partition size and type etc. But with the 12 version of Hard Disk Manager Suite, you now get features like defrag, backup, operative system copying/cloning between disks (perhaps you have bought a new SSD and would like to move your Windows installation to this new drive), convertion of your PC to a virtual disk, boot management, file system optimization, data sanitizaion (secure wiping of data, clear free space) etc etc - I bet you didn't knew you wanted all that, or I bet you didn't know you needed all that? Well, let's see in this review if you do!

With modern computers - you still have to maintain your hard disk for max performance, and Paragon say they will help you get there!

With this new version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suit 12, you'll get new features/improvements like :

  • A new Partitioning Engine
  • The strongest and fastest partitioning engine
  • Highly compatible with all kinds of new hard drives
  • Support for the new partitioning scheme GPT and all modern file systems
  • Support for UEFI installations of operating systems
  • Split partition feature when you need to split any partition on two with desired size and proportions
  • Support of the latest version of Oracle Hypervisor VirtualBox
  • Improved write-operations by using asynchronous backup to improve the speed of the product's backup processing
  • Encrypted Backup to avoid unauthorized access to your backup files

  • Lets take a look at each basic features of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12.

    The main reason people buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 12 (or any earlier versions - or later) would be to do modifications to the size and arrangements of the hard disks and partitions. And the first option in the Hard Disk Manager is also just that - the partitioning tools! You can create, modify and delete partition in an easy to use GUI. You would might argue that this is also possible in any newer operating system - you did think that, didn't you? Well, what you get in the Paragon solution is an easy to use GUI, you can expand/shrink partitions by just draging a slider, and you can merge partitions by a click (or two, maybe three) of the mouse. New in Hard Disk Manager 12 is also the possibility to split volumes. You can easily split partitions to separate different kinds of data, operating system from your media files etc. And did I mention that Paragon has implemented a new partitioning engine, which is, as Paragon so humbely states "The strongest and fastest partitioning engine available".

    The Partitioning Options

    Easy resizing in Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2012

    Backup and Recovery
    A good backup and recovery solution is worth its weight in gold (a wise man once said), and with Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite, you get a really good backup solution integrated. Of course this solution is worth about nothing if you don't use it and run it often. I would recommend running a full backup of your hard drives when you get your new PC - which gives you a default installation to fall back to in case of PC-emergency. Then I would create a backup job which copied "My Documents" to an external hard drive every week. Once this is configured, Paragon keeps your data safe - no magic, only backup. You also get the possibility to create a boot CD which can restore your PC to the default installation mentioned earlier.

    A good backup and recovery solution is worth its weight in gold (a wise man once said)

    Copying and Migration
    You can easily copy your partition to another partition in Parago... in (from now on) PHDMS12, and you can even migrate one hard disk to another of equal or different size. What is, the not so hidden gem, is however the posibility to move your operating system to a fast SSD. The SSD's are dropping in prizes and it is (in my oppinion) the best upgrade you can make on your computer - that is - if you don't already have a SSD installed. Instead of reinstalling the OS, the programs and all the updates, let PHDMS12 do it for you - swosh!

    Move to SSD with PHDMS12

    Security and optimization
    PHDMS12 does a great job defragmenting. Or - that is - I think it does. The hard disk becomes 100% defragmented when I run the job, and I guess that my hard disk is running more smoothly afterwards. It is very hard to run tests to measure hard disk speed before and after deframenting - but my guess would be that the OS performance is better when the disk is defragmented. Conclusion is - Paragon includes a defrag utility in this package - use it. Included is also a wiping tool. This is actually a great utility that makes sure your data is gone and not restorable by running secure deletion based on different wipe algorithms. If you were to sell your computer og hard disk - you should really be running a tool like this before giving the disk away - personal data is really easy to restore if you desided to just format it - or even worse - quick-format it - or even worserer - moved your personal files to the trashcan.

    Keep your computer running smoothly - defrag!

    Virtualization is really great - Why is it great you might think, and what is virtualization anyway? Well first of all - what is virtualization... it is a virtual copy of your computer that can be run on another computer in a window (that's the easy way to be looking at it). This could be very usefull if you are running an older operating system today with software that perhaps is not supported in Windows 7. It is also great if you are selling your old computer, giving it away to your kids that has discovered facebook (or or your computer suddently dies. You will then have a copy of your operating system, your software, your settings, your desktop, your life stored away virtual - and is easy to bring back on your new computer.. virtually. Great option, great tool - gives this Suite extra value!

    Virtualization tools

    Other tools
    Are you running more than one OS on your computer? Perhaps you are a rebel running GNU/Linux, or a Windows 95 fan, still playing Command & Conquer? Eighter way - you could need a boot manager. Paragon provides a boot manager for you to install. It should be able to handle most (all) operating system you can throw at it, so start experimenting with different operating systems and let Paragon boot them for you!

    Boot your favorite OS with Paragons Boot Manager

    The Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suit 12 experience

    See what it looks like before installing - great! Best viewed in HD - and colours, with sound!

    Supported Operating systems (Win installer)

        Windows 2000
        Windows XP Home Edition
        Windows XP Professional / X64
        Windows Vista / X64
        Windows 7 / X64

    Supported file systems :

        Backup Capsule
        NTFS (V1.2, V3.0, V3.1)
        FAT 16 / 32
        Ext2FS, Ext3FS, Ext4FS
        Linux Swap
        Apple HFS+

    Please download a trial of PHDMS12 and test the features for yourself!

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