The History of iPhones

The history of iPhones began in 2005 when Apple CEO Steve Jobs' directed the engineers with  Apple to investigate touchscreens. This is how the development of the iPhone began. He wanted to shift the focus of the buyer from the iPad, and towards a phone. During a cautious collaboration with AT&T Mobility, Apple made the device over thirty months. An approximate 150 million US dollars are said to have been spent on the project.

In 2007, Jobs introduced the the iPhone at the Macworld convention in San Francisco. Hundreds of customers lined up outside the stores in US when the iPhone went on sale. The media, seeing the passion in the buyers for the phone, even christened it the 'Jesus phone'. Soon the iPhone was available in other parts of the world like France, UK and Germany. Read on to know more about the history of iPhones, which is not very old.

In  2008, iPhone 3G I was released by Apple in more than twenty countries. iPhone 3G was announced by Apple in 2009 and  planned to release it in major European countries along with US and Canada. As many buyers complained of the high price, Apple held on to the 8 GB iPhone 3G at a lower price. Thus the 3GS became the less pricey model when.Apple introduced the iPhone 4. Ever since the iPhone's release in 2007, Apple has reduced the price many times.

As the history of iPhones reflects, more than six million original iPhone devices have been sold over five quarters. Record high sales are seen year after year. About 74 million iPhones were sold by the end of 2010. Although the iPhone barely has a market of 4% of all cellphones, still Apple manages to make a neat 50% of the total profit that global cellphone sales are able to generate.

The original iPhone was made of aluminum with a black plastic back, while the iPhone 3G and 3GS support a complete plastic back to enhance the power of the GSM signals. The iPhone 4 features an aluminosilicate glass front and the back has a stainless steel edge serving as the antennas. We hope you enjoyed reading the  brief history of iPhones.

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