IPhone 4S Features

iPhone 4S features are gathering a mixed bag of reviews. While some ware raving about Siri and the new optics, others were disappointed about missing NFC, same old looks and no 4G connectivity. Let us discuss the new iPhone 4S features in this article  and get aware of the associated challenges.

Stronger A5 Chip
At first look, you may find iPhone 4S quite similar to the iPhone 4 but what makes all the difference are the insides. A5 chip is the most powerful processor ever in iPhone and delivers flawless speedy performance.  With double the power, you enjoy 7x faster graphics,  and face no delays when gaming, browsing the web etc.

iOS 5
One of the best iPhone 4S features is that it runs on iOS 5, supporting more than 200 features, like improved Notification System on emails,, Twitter integration, News Stand and much more.

iCloud service
The iPhone 4S features also include the iCloud service, helping you to sync, manage and host content like apps, mail, photos, documents, music, calendar,  and documents. Your content can be managed from any part of the world in an effortless way.

An amwsome8 megapixel resolution camera is one of the new iPhone 4S features. You will get 60 percent far more pixel for a superior shooting experience with autofocus, face detection and LED flash. A superior hybrid infrared filter and a bigger /2.4 aperture make for sharper and accurate images.

The new version of the iPhone 4S supports an intelligent assistant known as Siri that will just do about everything at your voice command. The device understands precisely what you are saying and will help you figure out the right answer. If you want to set a meeting, make a call or send a message, then simply ask Siri to do all that. This is one of the best iPhone 4S features.

The display size and resolution in iPhone 4S is the same as iPhone 4. With a .5 inch retina and .5:1 aspect ratio, you get crisp and crystal clear images, due to the LED backlight and 960 by 640 pixel resolutions at 326ppi. Thus it brings out a much better viewing experience for a viewer. Another of the iPhone 4S features is that it has the oleophobic coating both on the front as well as on the back that is fingerprint resistant.

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