Latest iPhone 5 Rumors

It seems iPhone 5 rumors have set in early even before the release of the next-gen iPhone from Apple. Ever since the announcement, the rumor mills haven’t stopped revolving around the iPhone 5. Have the leak iPhone 5 specs been leaked? What info does the CEO of France Telecom hold? Will Sprint get the iPhone? Apple iPhone 5 rumors just refuse to die down.

Although France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard ahs reportedly told a group of reporters that iPhone 5 would be released on October 15. There are also speculations about whether Apple will expand the number of U.S. iPhone carriers. There are news about Sprint not only selling the iPhone, but also offering unlimited data plan with the Apple smartphone. It is already briefing its employees about the October iPhone5 launch.

iPhone 5 rumors features mostly revolve around its looks and functionalities. If New York Times is to be believed, the iPhone 5 will have a  more powerful and stronger A5, dual-core processor and 8-megapixel camera. There we also leaked pictures of a Casemate iPhone look like that they say match up to the iPhone 5 features. A couple of days back, there were six pictures of supposed Apple's next-gen smartphone. Well, it is up to you on till what length you would like to believe these latest iPhone 5 rumors.

Apple iPhone 5 rumors regarding its release date keep on surfacing every now and then. Btu following the earlier patterns of iPhone launches by Apple, the next-gen iPhone 5 is expected to make a debut in mid to late 2012.

The new iPhone 5 rumors also center around its from and size. It is believed to carry a completely new design. But we will have to wait and see. Interestingly, Steve Jobs is believed to have canned the new larger-screened prototype handset as it was feared that a new size would make a two-tier iPhone ecosystem.

However, latest iPhone 5 rumors prove that the iPhone 5 is very much on the cards and eagerly waited. It seems people are eager to snap it up and the 2012 iPhone sales prediction in the first quarter are expected to touch nearly 30 millions.

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