When is iPhone 5 Coming Out

What is iPhone 5 and way are there rumors all around about iPhone 5 release date? Well, the

Iphone is yet to be released but the market is full of iPhone 5 news and rumors about its release. Apple has till date not released any official information about any specific release date yet, but already a lot of speculation has built around iPhone 5. It is expected to make its debut in the mid 2012.

Apple iPhone 5 is believed to be the 5th generation of the iPhone. No wonder people are desperately waiting for the launch of this smartphone. The web is full of iPhone 5 pictures and anticipations about it. Many fans are wondering what innovative features Apple will add to the new iPhone 5.  Will it have 4G connectivity? If yes, then will Apple offer another modem? Till iPhone 5 release, all we can do is sit and just wonder what the next generation iPhone will have to offer to the world.

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