Next generation iPhone with 4-inch display

Earlier this month, told iLounge that Apple really wants to go to 4-inch display in the next generation iPhone due to increase in height of the screen, while maintaining the proper width. In the report, where indicated, including a number of other features, including the size of the new device, shown Ciccarese Design, to provide a sample of higher quality that will look like this device. As suggested in the earlier assumptions, high display can afford to add another row of icons on the home screen iPhone, five lines per page, plus a number of fixed icons in the dock at the bottom of the screen.Increasing the size of the iPhone display diagonal of 3.5 inches to 4 inches, while maintaining the same width of approximately 11 mm (0.45 inches) at the height of the display. iLounge notes that the building of the new iPhone will be about 125 mm, 10 mm higher than the iPhone 4S, and the distance for the components above and below the display will remain roughly the same.

The sample also shows a smaller dock connector, and this rumor before, and a flat metal panel in the center of the back covers iPhone.Ciccarese Design has also provided an interactive 3D-model of the iPhone, available through WebGL-browser. On OS X, in Safari, users can enable WebGL, by going to Settings -> Add -> Show Menu Design in the menu bar and select "Enable WebGL". It should be noted that the report of the iLounge directly contradicts a recent report from the iMore, who claims that Apple has settled on the final amount for the next generation iPhone, but no change in the size of the display and on the rear panel is not expected. Both iLounge iMore and accurate information offered in the past, but now it is known what the source is closer to the truth.

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