The Release of iPhone 5

What is the date of release of iPhone 5? All fans would like to know the exact date. Especially when iPhone 4S wasn't quite what they were expecting from Apple, now eyes are set on to wonder what the iPhone 5 would look like. No making quite a buzz on the information superhighway with iPhone 4, it seems the company is working on a major upgrade in the next phone. iPhone 5 is believed to be the last project that Steve Jobs was thoroughly involved with from its concept to final design.

There were rumors about the release of iPhone 5 and the production delays. It is believed that  Apple had to wheel out the iPhone 4S instead, and decided to keep iPhone 5 under wraps till the 2012 summer. People  just can’t wait to see Jobs' last iPhone, complete with a slimmer design, with 4G connectivity and a bigger screen. So will Apple keep up with the release of iPhone 5 in summer 2012? Well, it is not convincing but all one can do is simply wait.

hose thinking of buying a smartphone soon and are not pure fans of Android, should hold on till the release of iPhone 5 and wait till the next summer. With its new and improved features, bigger screen, there is no doubt that they will get to enjoy the smartest phone ever. Most analysts predict that Apple's iPhone 5 will be an all-time classic and is the last big signature project of Steve Jobs. So, it would be worth waiting for the release of iPhone 5 as well as nostalgic too.

When Apple finally goes on with the release of iPhone 5 in 2012 summer, as is believed, it is sure to become the most trendy consumer gadget the world has ever known, smashing all previous records for Apple and its earlier iPhone versions. And that is not just any rumor or hype, it is almost a certainty.

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