Right Choice of iPad 2

The new trimmed down version, the iPad 2, is a mere 8.8mm thick and it weighs just 601g (down from 680g) for the Wi-Fi only version. It has a new dual-core processor called the Apple AS that has more power than the single-core processor on the iPad 1. The iPad 2 is very responsive to your touch, apps load faster than before and moving around menus and screen is slick and quick. Graphics are improved considerably, too.

Typing is easy compared to some other tablets, especially in landscape mode where the virtual keys are big and clear. It has a 9.7-inch screen with 1024x768 resolution, the same specification as the iPad 1. Colours look bold in all lighting conditions. The angle of view is great, you can still see clearly even when you're not diresctly facing the screen. It is a little disappointing that Apple decided not to upgrade the screen to a higher resolution display on the iPad 2, but we expect this to come in the next version of the iPad. If this is a priority for you, it may be worth waiting for a future version.

A welcome addition to the iPad 2 are the two cameras, one rear-facing for taking 0.7Mp still images and 720p HD video and one front-facing for FaceTime, Apple's video web chatting applications. With FacTime you can equipped Apple products, such as the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and Apple MacBooks, Unfortunately, the quality of the cameras is merely average.

Apple's claim of 10-hours battery life on the iPad 2 is quite accurate. Our web browsing test lasted exactly 600 minutes on a Wi-Fi connection and 575 minutes on 3G, and we managed 11 hours of HD video playback. These are impressive results, and reassuring if you a long journey ahead of you.

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