Synchronization between mobile and other devices

Mobile devices as the iPhone or iPad are in use of nearly every modern consumer in today's world. But in some cases there is a challenge to keep important data synchronize between many different devices.

Here is an overview about devices which are used today:
- Dektop-PC
- Laptop, netbook, etc.
- Tablets
- Smartphones
- Smart-TV
- and even more devices, such as Google Glass or Smartwatches

But how to keep the data of all these devices synchronize? Cloud computing can be the right solution for this challenge. Today there are many provides of cloud space, such as Dropbox, Also there are some more professional solutions available for business.

One place for all the data...

The providers for cloud services are mainly tracking the philosophy, that the user puts his important data to one certain place in the cloud and all his devices have access to it. If the user do so, he will never have synchronizing issues in the future. Also he got a save place to store his data. Serious cloud service provides are doing continuously backups of the user data, so the user himself don’t have to worry about making backups. Nevertheless the user do well, if he saves the most important files from time to time on his own hard-drive. More information about cloud and backup solutions are findable in the Web.

Apps for mobile devices

Many cloud providers are offering special apps for smartphone. This allows easy access on cloud data while the user is not at his desk. Some solutions as iCloud or Windows live (OneDrive) are directly integrated into the operation system of certain smartphone or tablets.

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