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Throughout the years hundreds of millions of blogs have appeared online; many focusing either on only one topic or on a plethora of topics. The TechGeec platform takes a different approach to this. Founded in early 2009,, in conjunction with their YouTube channel,, is a producer of technology related videos and articles within the arenas of tutorials, hacks, news, and reviews. The subject matter varies slightly; however, it tends to encompass a wide range of computer (Windows and Mac) tutorials and hacks in addition to content relative to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad jailbreaking.

TechGeec’s mission is to make every tutorial or news article that they publish simple enough for the most technologically challenged people to understand. This has proven to be effective as their most popular tutorial demonstrating how to transfer media from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad back into iTunes, has been viewed millions of times worldwide and has been shared thousands of times.

TechGeec’s content is nothing but the highest of quality. We strongly recommend giving their website and YouTube channel a visit.

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