The Apple Watch , should you get one?

So it have been announced that the Apple Watch will be available for pre-order from April 10th 2015. I’m genuinely excited but I have to be honest. Firstly the Apple Watch is darn expensive, way more expensive than we thought. Secondly, the watch cannot work without you owning an iPhone and thirdly the watch does everything that you can already do on your iPhone.

The price ranges from $349.00 for the basic sport model to $17,000 for the 18-Carat gold model. What is Apple thinking? Smart watches in the current market aren’t at all doing well. This is a major gamble for Apple, but if anyone can pull it off then it will be Apple. 9 years ago, we didn’t know anything about iPhone and even if it would work. When the first iPhone was released in June 29, 2007 it cost $599.00 for the 8GB model. A lot of people had their doubts about it but look where the iPhone is today. So it’s hard to tell if the Apple Watch will make it or not.

The Apple Watch can run Apps as well and if you update to iOS 8.2 you will see a new icon that’s the Watch store. Developers will start to work on apps for the Apple Watch so the list will begin to grow. Apps for the watch will be getting the same reviews from blogs just like the iPhone apps have been. One of those blogs is AppWatchWear which will give an incite into newly released app.

Even though I am highly skeptical about if the Apple Watch will get anywhere in the current market, I will be pre-ordering one. Maybe not the one for $17,000.

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