Three 4G Smartphones you can buy right now

4G has arrived for mobile phones with providers such as Everything Everywhere in the UK having already launched the services and with more providers set to follow, we take a look at 3 4G Smartphones currently available on the market right now. For those who want the amazing speeds available through 4g, you may want to take your pick from one of the current leading pack listed below.

Samsung Galxy S4: The Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most anticipated phones of 2013, and with a Full HD 5 inch screen, is a Smartphone that is made for the super speeds of 4G. Features on the S4 include a much faster processor, the big screen will be great for video content and gaming, and the extra storage space via a memory card slot gives you more space for your files, while stand out tricks include Next-Gen features like NFC and sensor’s that track your eyes. This phone can also do video calling in full HD with seamless transmission and clarity thanks to the 4G speeds. Come to think of it, you will need those 4G speeds as the Galaxy S4 also supports cool features like air gestures and Smart Scroll, where users of the phone are able to scroll their screen display just by adjusting where they look on the screen. Clearly the only thing you’ll need to worry about is using up the battery as you surf the net over 4G speeds!

iPhone 5: Super-slim and with looks to die for, this may still be the Smartphone that all other Smartphone’s  aspire to. This will change soon as Apples momentum seems to be slowing while rivals like Samsung and HTC lead the charge. Amazingly light at only 112 grams, the phones screen size has been kept at 4 inches to keep it thumb friendly’, but is still an excellent Retina Display that provides you with clarity and extra information. The iPhone 5 uses Apples  own internet browser; Safari, which is widely viewed as the best mobile browser there is, (though as mentioned before, Apples rivals are catching up fast), and that, along with the pre loaded iTunes, Apple’s own app’s, music  and mobile versions of,console, computer and video games store, the iPhone should still do justice to the super speeds afforded by 4g connections. A well designed Smartphone that can still hold its own in the face of an Android invasion, the only downside to the iPhone 5 is the fact that you may not be able to use it with 4G on certain networks, alas, Apple continue their policy of exclusivity with chosen carriers.

BlackBerry Q10: Research In Motion’s entry into the 4G fray is the Blackberry Q10, a superb handset that combines durability with the outstanding BlackBerry 10 operating system to offer a richly intuitive way of mobile communication. The QWERTY keypad means the screen comes in at only 3.1 inches, but what the screen lacks in size, it makes up for with it’s rich 720p super AMOLED display. The Q10 packs an industry leading 1.5GZ Dual Core processor that means whether you are playing video games or catching up with work, it will always deliver. The drawback however has to be the QWERTY keyboard that to some just takes up screens space. However, for those who want a QWERTY device that will keep up with today’s crop of Smartphone’s, the Q10 delivers that and more. Offering an internal memory of 16GB, the BlackBerry Q10 offers a number of ways to get online including DLNA and Bluetooth, as well as a high quality HDMI option.


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